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100% Custom shape USB flash drives

We specialize in custom shape USB flash drives created to your requirements. Choose from inexpensive PVC or Silicone material, or if other material is needed we can always work with plastic, wood, or metal.

Custom design

We utilize CAD software to create 2D or 3D models from your picture, idea, or a drawing. Already have a model? Even easier, we'll start on your mold right away.

Low cost molds

Our molds for PVC or Silicone are the lowest in the business. The prices start at $250 for the custom mold. It is a one time fee; subsequent orders will not incur the mold fee.

Custom packaging

We'll work with you on custom packaging of your choice. From sturdy paper based gloss boxes to plastic, blister packs, and velvet pouches.

Color printing

Color printing is by far the most popular choice of printing your logo or text on any promotional item. We offer full line of color printing for our flash drives.

Solid color printing

This method is utilized for printing logos and text with a fixed number of colors. If you can count the number of colors in your logo or text, and your number is less than 6, we can print your artwork utilizing this inexpensive printing method.

The printing quality and the definition of lines with this type of printing is superb. When your logo is used in a vector format, the solid color printing is the best method to get your logo or text to pop.

Full color printing

This method is often utilized for high-definition photographs and/or logos that are not stored in a vector format. If you would like to print a photograph on a card drive, this full color printing method will be used to provide all the shades and the transitions of the complex picture. If your logo has gradients, transitions of one color into another or complex shading, the full color method will be used to reproduce all of those effects to its true detail.

Embossing, Debossing, Hot Stamping, and Laser Engraving

If you would like to give a unique look to your silicone, leather or metal type USB flash drive, these choices are for you!

Embossing and Debossing

It is true that Debossing is not a word, however the look of the pressed lettering into your silicone wristband drive will make your product look stunning. Your logo or text is pressed into the silicone material leaving an impression. Your logo/text is permanently embedded into the flash drive for that custom and unique look.

The embossing effect will raise your text or logo above the surface of the silicone drive. If you want your logo to pop; this choice is for you!

Hot Stamping

This choice is reserved for the leather drives. The hot stamp is applied to the leather material, leaving a permanent imprint of your text or logo. It is great choice for a distinctive look.

Laser Engraving

This choice is reserved for metal, wood, and leather drives. The laser creates a logo or text on the material, leaving a precise burn. It can be subtle or vivid, depending on the surface of the material.

Color matching

Do you need a specific shade of blue or gray or any other color? We are ready to help with color matching services for the logo/text printing as well as USB flash drive colors.

Artwork color matching

The color printing process utilizes Pantone® Formula Guide Solid Coated color palette. All colors will be matched to the closest color in the Pantone system. If your color is encoded in RGB or CMYK, we will gladly convert it and let you know the closest Pantone color match.

USB flash drive body color matching

The color matching is reserved for plastic parts on the drive. If it is translucent or solid, we can match the color of the drive to the color of your choice.

Data preloading, Permanent read-only data preloading, and password protection services

We can preload your presentations, music, documents, or any other files and directories on your USB flash drives.

Data preloading

If it is just one file or many files distributed in various directories, we can upload them all.

Permanent read-only data preloading

This option ensures that all of your presentations or any other files stay on the flash drive no matter what. These files cannot be deleted or altered in any way.

Password protecting your files

If it is just one file or many files in various directories, we can password protect all your files by placing all of them into a single password protected file. Only your password can unlock the protected file and allow access inside.

Pantone is a registered trademark of Pantone Incorporated

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